Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to Gymnastics

Kailah started gymnastics today. She was mostly excited to try out her lovely butterfly unitard (who doesn't love unitards?) but quickly got into things. She is really excited for when they learn to do some tricks on the trampoline. And was excited to show off "the rocket" as seen in one of her pictures. I don't know what it is but I was impressed. I was excited that we chose gymnastics, especially after watching some of the moves being practiced in the other rooms. Gees, I think I must be a real prude but why is it okay for small girls (or anyone now that I think of it) to do pelvic thrusts and shake non-existent breasts? Hooray for gymnastics!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hip hip hooray for raspberries!!

Larry loves Oakglen and wanted to check out the fire damage. So, once again we headed up to pick raspberries, this time Larry's family joined us. We had lots of fun and Melanie even tried a raspberry, which she immediately spit on the ground and yelled "it's sour" and continued to spit for several minutes. Kailah had a wonderful time with her Aunt Laelle, I could hear the two of them shouting "I hit the jackpot" every few minutes. They proclaimed themselves to be expert raspberry pickers. I had a great time, there is nothing better then a fresh raspberry.

First Day of School!

Kailah officially became a 2nd grader and Melanie is a big preschooler!! Hooray! Melanie loves preschool because they have cheez-its and dancing. Can life be any better? Kailah is happy because Gracie is in her class again and she says Ms. Wall NEVER yells. I hope that the whole year is this exciting. :)