Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bradshaw Sisters!

This picture of me and Rachel makes me smile. We look like dorks but happy dorks. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time!! It is hard to get Rachel and I in a picture where we do real smiles. I tend to intentionally sabotage pictures and make faces like the one at the top of my blog. :) This picture rocks!
Every time we get together we get super excited about taking a sister picture. We giggle and plan who should sit where. The one above is from 2009 and the one below is from Easter of this year. I am looking at the wrong camera but the other girls look fabulous, so what can you do? I love these girls and hope that we take this same picture every year until we are old and wrinkley....I vow to still wear awesome jewelry and heels covered in sequins or bows or something else amazing even when I am sitting in my wheelchair and one of the other girls has to push me around.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Go Jaguars!!

Melanie just finished her first year of indoor soccer and LOVED it. She never made a goal but she kicked, she ran, she cheered for her friends, she did alot of waving, alot of thumbs ups at us and loved to run to where we were sitting to get kisses and hugs (I don't think the players in the World Cup are doing this but it sure makes a mommy feel good so I'm not gonna stop her) and she had a great time. I She can't wait for next year. It is funny to have girls that are so different. Kailah loved playing indoor soccer but always stayed at the back of the group of kids and only touched the ball when it ricocheted off her body from someone elses kick...Mel on the other hand really got in there and tried to get the ball. Good job my little Jaguar!

Our 1st Harvest of 2010

Kailah was so excited to discover our first zucchini a couple weeks ago and has wanted to pick it ever since. We were making Albondigas and Larry thought the perfect way to spruce it up was with our little zucchini!! He said it was delicious which is good to know since I foolishly planted a bajillion zucchini plants that have ALL survived. Who knew they were so durable? Poor Larry will be eating a whole lotta zucchini since no one else likes them. Isn't our little zucchini adorable??

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Little Preschool Graduate

We decided to put Melanie in preschool for the last little bit of the school year. She loves/hates it. She loves her teachers but she hates it when her Mommy has to leave. She learned some songs and they let her participate in their graduation ceremony. It was pretty stinkin cute. I will post the video of her songs later. And by later I mean whenever I figure out how to use my Flip Camera. :)

Melanie and her BFF Lainey...

Melanie with Miss Julie and Miss Christy...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It Totally Sucks!!!

My wonderful sister in law Brianne used her amazingly awesome employee privileges to get me a Dyson Animal for 1/2 price. It was really sad to say goodbye to my decade old Hoover that made sounds that frightened the children, smoked and made funky smells....but farewell old friend and HELLO Dyson!!!!

I was so excited to use it that Larry put it together in the middle of the night so I could get started. He laughed at me as I vacuumed and laughed hysterically but I just couldn't help it, vacuuming makes me giddy especially when use a new fancy vacuum. I was slightly disappointed, I wanted to have to empty it after every room but I guess we just aren't that yucky. I was happy to suck up some more of the pet hair that the previous owners had left behind.(seriously what was their deal? They must have had 50 dogs and cats in this house) So here it is...this is what I found in my carpet after one use of the Dyson...