Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kailah in the 2nd Grade

Kailah at the end of the year assembly.

Kailah singing her solo in a very confusing play about Aesop's Fables. She was by far the best one...not that I am biased at all....

Kailah showing off her costume...she is supposed to be a red ant and was very upset that people thought she was a ladybug. She was very proud of her teacher's costume skills and insisted that it looked nothing like a ladybug. Isn't she a beautiful red ant?


Kailah and Melanie got to celebrate their cousins Destiny's birthday with her at Build-A-Bear!! Their super nice Aunt Brianne bought all the kids an animal and an outfit! How amazingly super nice is that???

Melanie with the Birthday girl Destiny!!

Kailah with her Bunny Butter. She was very disappointed when we got home and she realized that the Build-A-Bear lady had written "Butler" on the bunny's birth certificate. We laughed alot and now we like to call him Butler just to bug her.

Melanie with her new friend Flowers the Bunny.

First Annual All American Jamboree

My sister-in-law Jen and I had a 4th of July party with a parade, hot dogs and a water slide! It was so much fun and I really hope we make it a tradition. It was so great to have everyone over to celebrate the birth of our nation!!

John led the parade in this excellent wig.

Our parade getting ready to head out!