Monday, June 7, 2010

Our 1st Harvest of 2010

Kailah was so excited to discover our first zucchini a couple weeks ago and has wanted to pick it ever since. We were making Albondigas and Larry thought the perfect way to spruce it up was with our little zucchini!! He said it was delicious which is good to know since I foolishly planted a bajillion zucchini plants that have ALL survived. Who knew they were so durable? Poor Larry will be eating a whole lotta zucchini since no one else likes them. Isn't our little zucchini adorable??


  1. yes!! so fun. i have always wanted a garden, but i am afraid i would just kill everything, boo :(

    and i love mel's cute soccer picture.

  2. If only you planted a few Hungarian Footlongs . . .

  3. Hungarian Footlongs sound so delicious! :P Please tell me when yours are ready, we can have a Pepsi/Coke challenge only with our zucchini's.