Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Great Flood of '09

Last night I mopped up some water (turned the main waterline off) and thought, "I should really call a plumber in the morning". Morning came and the kitchen was covered in water.

The homeowners insurance sent someone out pretty quickly, they fixed the problem and then began ripping up the floor and all the baseboards! The girls had a lovely time climbing on the furniture as it was moved to the dry zone (a lonely place that is very very small). Several hours later we were left with no floor in the kitchen, pantry, dining area and half the living room. Some drywall needs to be torn out later. But at least they said it will all be four weeks! The fans are nice though, I can't hear the girls fighting or when they call my name to tattle, maybe we should keep them...


  1. Well on the bright side, new flooring is always nice! And Industrial fan noise helps me sleep better since they do indeed drown out all the noise . . . plus you can hang wet clothes in front of them to dry in no time and blow dried hair? Why not industrial fan dried hair . . . that would give you TONS of volume.

    I love the blog name and I love the little bit of wisdom under it . . . "A glimpse into the life of one woman that is about to blow your mind. Seriously, I am that fascinating." LOVE IT!!!

  2. Well hello there Liana! I'm happy you have a blog now and that I can see your flood. Well, I'm not happy I can see your flood because it IS a flood but I'm happy I can follow and staulk you. Oooohhh, not nice to tease because you have no idea who this post really is from now do you? Hmmmm, I'll FB you. Good luck with the lizards tonight . . . and don't use my name, I'm remaining annonymous.