Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tamale Time!!

Back in December we had our annual tamale making festival. Here is how it ALWAYS goes....we are very enthusiastic at first and by the middle of the night we are tamaled out and ready for it to be over. Sadly, we still have tons of stuff to clean, tons to put away and have spent the night gorging ourselves on tamales (which is delicious and nauseating at the same time). Larry's favorite part is instructing us on how to make the perfect tamale. I always make mine too big because I have no patience and want it to be over. The girls usually make a few and then wander away to do something fun while Larry and I are stuck for hours spreading masa on cornhusks. I LOVE tamales but....I am so glad we only do it once a year, it is exhausting!


  1. I also love your tamales and love the fact that I benefited so well this past December from your all-night efforts. Next time, I should pay you. They are the BEST TAMALES I'VE EVER HAD!!! So please, pretty, pretty, pretty please, make them again this December??? It's the only thing I want for Christmas . . . and I'll even pay you for them.

  2. Shandee of course we will make more for you. It would be super fun if you wanted to make them with us... :)