Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Easter!!!!

We had a wonderful Easter with Larry's family. We ate ham and tried to pretend that 7.2 earthquakes don't frighten us. Melanie was the most unconcerned about the rockin' and rollin', she just wanted to know if we would ever have our easter egg hunt. Poor Kailah was scared out of her mind and was convinced there would be another one any minute. The girls wore their lovely dresses given to them by their Grandma Ruiz, Melanie asked everyday for a week if it was EVER going to be easter because she loves wearing pretty dresses so much. On Saturday Melanie woke up and said to me "Tomorrow is the day Jesus was resurrected". I was very proud of her! Anyway, we have the Bradshaw Family Easter coming up on Sunday, it should be fun!!

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