Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our 2010 Snow Trip!

During Kailah's week off we decided to head to Mammoth (again) to play in the snow. We did lots of sledding and lots of napping...all in all a great vacation. :) We stayed in the oldest condo I have ever seen with walls made of paper. The people staying above us were quite the night owls...yikes. Melanie was convinced that either a dragon or a ghost lived above us...personally I would have rather listened to a ghost then those people sneezing, showering and well, you know. Bleh. At one point our brakes decided to stop working and we started fishtailing down the mountain. It was the most calm I have ever seen Larry, it was slow motion, he clamly pulled the emergency and we slowed to a stop. It was pretty sweet. Anywoo, here are some pics from our trip!


  1. Our 2010 snow trip was much like our 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, etc. snow trips. We talked about it, we really wanted to go, we talked some more about it . . . and then we didn't go and the snow melted. Can we maybe go together on a 2011 day snow trip sometime? Because my girlies have never seen or touched snow (or emergency break skidded to a stop on snow). . . but they've (well, not both of them) talked about it a lot.

  2. LOL My snow trip was a lot like Tara's. I love that one of the only pix u have of ur hubby he looks like the ski mask stalker! LOL!

    ~ Danya